Bar Reunion-West Island

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This is going to be THE Blowout Reunion Bash of 2023 (probably the decade); Forget your High School Reunion - This will be a reunion to end all reunions. All the BARS that have come and gone since the 1970s; where we loved to hangout and ......well you other stuff!!
We will have bands, booze and food on the day and some hellish tales to recount, so get ready.
2nd finally, if you all know me, this will be a huge fundraiser for the Teresa Dellar palliative Care Residence. An entrance charge of $20.00 at the door will go directly to this worthy cause. Also, any donations over $100 will get a tax receipt.

All The Bars and "Hang-outs" that you remember and the friends that shared them with you!

Date & Time
July 8, 2023
4:00 PM 10:00 PM America/Montreal

Macallan's Pub

2362 Hymus Blvd
Dorval QC H9P 1J9
--Macallan's Pub--
+1 514-542-1102
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